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We are known as the premier dental practice in San Antonio for full mouth reconstruction. Similarly, San Antonio is known for being a premier destination for its beautiful scenery and many nature trails unique to this area of Texas. People come from all over the world to experience the beauty of San Antonio and the surrounding Texas Hill Country. Whether it’s for floating the Comal River, visiting the historic Alamo, or experiencing the unique Riverwalk there’s something for everyone.

We’re Also A Dental Destination

While there are plenty of natural wonders and historic attractions in this cultural destination—many come for a different draw. San Antonio is also the home of one of the foremost experts in dental implants and full mouth reconstruction (FMR).

Dr. Alfonso Monarres has been changing lives with his Stone Ridge dental practice for years. Along the way, he has made quite an impact on San Antonio residents and patients from around the country.

Yes— around the country. Dr. Monarres, due to his vast knowledge and experience with dental implants and FMR is sought out nationwide for help. Consequently, it’s enough of a draw that San Antonio has literally become a dental destination.

Spreading Hope One Smile At A Time

Dr. Monarres’ full mouth reconstruction skills have also helped those who have felt hopeless in their situation. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that many people who suffer from severe dental issues often give up. They don’t feel there is any cure for their problems and surrender their smile. But, Dr. Monarres is here to say, “Don’t give up on your smile!”

The fact of the matter is, there is a permanent solution to your very temporary dental problems. Full mouth reconstruction at Stone Ridge Dental can give patients hope— and a restored smile. One recent patient who made a long journey to Dr. Monarres knows of this newfound hope first-hand.


Tiffany’s Full Mouth Reconstruction Smile Story

Tiffany Sheets, like many of the patients Dr. Monarres sees, is not native to the Lone Star State. Since moving from Southern California, she’s called San Angelo, Texas home—ironically, every bit of three hours from San Antonio. Tiffany had suffered most of her life with multiple health issues. As a result, she needed some relief and hope to push forward.

Childhood Interrupted

Tiffany’s story begins at around age seven when she was diagnosed with a thyroid disorder that disrupts the metabolism significantly. Like many who suffer from thyroid disorders, this led to rapid weight gain among other health problems. She decided to take charge of her health and make some moves. At age 18, Tiffany made the brave decision to get gastric bypass to offset weight gain her thyroid disease causes. She hoped it would help alleviate at least some of the health issues she was facing.

A Lifetime Of Setbacks

Those health issues kept plaguing Tiffany for the next few years and she had become accustomed to setbacks.  At age 23 it had become very clear to her doctors that she needed a blood transfusion. Patients that suffer from severe thyroid disorders often need this type of treatment.

Thyroid disorders have a significant impact on the proliferation of blood cells which can lead to anemia and other issues. In fact, in some cases it can even cause leukopenia.

Leukopenia, in a nutshell, is a disease that reduces leukocytes in white blood cells severely. These leukocytes are the body’s main defense against infections such as tooth decay. Unfortunately, Tiffany would become very familiar with the devastating effects of tooth decay herself.

Finding Hope In Full Mouth Reconstruction By Dr. Monarres

Suffering for years with compounding health issues, Tiffany needed to undergo a second transfusion at age 33. Likely result of depleted white cells and medication that she was taking—her dental health suffered. This caused her to lose not only most of her teeth but also her hope for a healthier life. However, she found the spark of hope she needed to turn things around—three hours away in San Antonio.

“It took me about 10 years to even get to see a dentist before it got pretty bad. My mom knew that. She went and researched everything and she found Dr. Monarres.”

That’s where she learned of Dr. Monarres and the revolutionary Full Mouth Reconstruction procedure available at Stone Ridge Dental. Naturally, Tiffany was skeptical at first and fearful. She had nothing but setbacks previously and had little hope. Nevertheless, she cast her fears aside and made the long journey from San Angelo to Stone Ridge Dental.

“As soon as I got to realize it’s not going to be as painful as I thought—any question I had was answered. It was just an awesome experience because they made me feel comfortable.”

Full Mouth Reconstruction With Unexpected Results

Undoubtedly, Tiffany had become hopeful again since she was cleared to undergo the revolutionary procedure thousands have benefited from. Dr. Monarres and Tiffany would both come to learn the there were some very unexpected results in her case.

Going Beyond The Smile

Dr. Monarres always likes to say “Our heart is in your smile.” Ironically, what he and his wife found with Tiffany would extend far beyond that. As Tiffany sat in front of them and became vulnerable in her situation, a bond was formed. Not only that, this bond went far beyond a dentist-patient relationship.

Unexpectedly, Dr. Monarres and his wife found themselves enveloped in Tiffany’s heartbreaking circumstances and felt compelled to give her hope. They knew that the promise of a new smile from the Full Mouth Reconstruction procedure would be the catalyst needed. They would stop at nothing to give this young woman the hope and encouragement she desperately needed.

A New Outlook On Life

The procedure was a complete success with amazing results. Dr. Monarres and staff shared a very emotional reveal with Tiffany. She was completely blown away and couldn’t believe the smile she saw in the mirror.

“The staff is awesome! They know exactly how to treat their patients and they know the procedure they’re doing. I have my confidence back, not just my confidence but I’ve been emotionally and physically better.”

Tiffany’s experience is what thousands of others have come to benefit from as well when visiting Stone Ridge Dental. There is nothing like this procedure in modern dentistry that provides a more natural feel, function, and form than full mouth reconstruction. When performed by Dr. Monarres, no one would know a patient had dental work done—unless they revealed it.

What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is quite simply, exactly what it sounds like—a complete reconstruction of the mouth by replacing all of the teeth in one or both arches that give patients a new smile that is designed to be perfect.

This is possible because dental implants made from advanced biocompatible materials are combined with prosthetic crowns made from substances harder than real teeth to create a smile that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

The procedure is precise down the individual root thanks to hi-tech 3D scans and state-of-the-art implant labs that allow a patient’s smile to be hand designed to best suit their needs and desired look.

Once the smile is designed, patients of Dr. Monarres are able to see a realistic 3D-rendering of what their smile will look like in person.

The Stone Ridge Difference

Many patients applaud the attentiveness of the staff from the front office to the dental assistants that make sure your procedure goes smoothly and that any and all of your concerns are addressed and solved. Tiffany expresses that the way she was cared for from consultation to post-care was perfect. She claims that their concern for their patients was the difference that made everything so easy and changed her life.

 “Thank you Dr. Monarres and Mrs. Monarres for changing my life! I smile more…to just be able to smile and try new things, it’s awesome. It’s true, their heart really is in my smile.”

About Dr. Monarres and Stone Ridge Dental

Dr. Monarres and staff at Stone Ridge Dental are one of the most experienced groups in the world for FMR. With over 2,000 successful procedures under their belt, this team has brought new smiles and new hope to their patients. This amounts to thousands of residents in San Antonio and all over the country to be exact.

One of the main reasons people choose Stone Ridge Dental over other practices that may be closer—commitment. Commitment to state-of-the-art technology combined with unmatched personal attention and genuine care for their patients.

If you are suffering from dental issues that you think are immovable obstacles, think again. Dr. Monarres and his skilled team will approach your issue with sensitivity and educational insight. Couple with the most skilled specialists in the industry, your new smile is within your reach.

You can make your appointment with Dr. Monarres and his team at www.implantssanantonio.com or call 210-899-8426

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