One of the top reasons that people avoid going to the dentist, even at the cost of their oral health, is fear. From just a minor fear that makes one nervous about a visit to the dentist to full blow phobias that are crippling, there is a way to overcome this and Stone Ridge Dental is prepared.

When patients come to our office, we want them to have the best patient experience, free from anxiety and in a relaxing environment that is conducive to mitigating the effects of dental phobia. That is why we are firm believers in what is known as sedation dentistry.

What is Sedation?

Sedation dentistry is an optional service we provide to make our patients feel relaxed and calm via the use of sedatives such as Valium, depressants, anti-anxiety medications or nitrous oxide. This helps not only the patient relax, but also enables our dental professionals to do their job more effectively.

Sedatives are normally administered orally vs. intravenous as not to create more stress with the use of needles. While a patient is indeed sedated, they are at a safe level of consciousness that ensures a smooth procedure. Many patients don’t remember their visit as if they were asleep, but in reality the combination of sedative and then local anesthetic, create a feeling of total relaxation as if nothing happened.

The sedation also aids in administering local anesthetic which is still delivered via injection and can be troublesome for those with fear of needles. The sedative numbs those fears and then the anesthetic temporarily blocks pain receptors in the affected area, which makes it a smooth transition.

Regardless of the type of sedation you are given, it is very important to have a caregiver accompany you to your appointment, as we cannot allow you to drive yourself home after sedation. It is best for the caregiver to be able to stay with you once you are home for about 3-4 hours to allow the sedative to fully run its course.

Benefits Of Sedation

One of the most favored benefits of sedation is patients feel like their procedure only lasted a few minutes, even though it may have taken hours. In complex procedures such as implants and full mouth reconstructions, sedation is especially helpful.

Sedation also makes it easier for people to go to the dentist that normally would shun the idea because of fears of the dentist or of needles used in administering anesthetic. It is a very common phobia and keeps many people from proper dental care and that can lead to more serious diseases.

Unlike medical surgery, such as gallbladder removals for example, this sedation does not render patients unconscious as we still need to be able to have patients follow direction in order to work. It provides just enough sedation to lessen or numb tension, stress and fears.

There’s Nothing To Fear— Come In For A Visit

If you have avoided the dentist due to anxieties, phobias or fears, we can take great care of you and make sure your dental health does not suffer at the hands of your fears. We understand how frightening a visit to the dentist can be when you have those anxieties, but it doesn’t have to be; not at Stone Ridge Dental— we understand you, and we will make it a stress-free experience. Contact us today at (210) 403-0555 to make your appointment.