Implant Dentistry

Implant Dentistry

Despite the many advancements of dental care in San Antonio and nationwide, over 2 million Americans live with tooth loss. Most of these cases are due to tooth decay, dental trauma, and periodontal disease.

When you lose a tooth it can be a very embarrassing or even debilitating ordeal.  Even if the tooth is in the back and is not visible to others, it still needs to be corrected. Once the tooth is lost, there is bone loss beneath the surface that is occurring and eventually will disintegrate. This is why some people who have lost all their teeth have a mouth that appears caved in when not wearing dentures.

Even if it is just one tooth that is missing, the loss affects all the other teeth as well, as teeth create the structure for the mouth and rely on each other for stability. Aside from the medical issues, tooth loss can really affect one’s self-esteem and have social consequences as well.

However, there is a specialist who offers the best dental implants in San Antonio, Dr. Alfonso Monarres, founder of Stone Ridge Dental. Dr. Monarres refuses to believe that anyone should have to suffer from tooth loss or be subject to substandard alternatives.

Dental implants in san antonio

a better Solution for tooth loss

Rather than go with antiquated tooth replacement systems or dentures, dental implants are a more natural approach to tooth replacement in San Antonio. Dental implants anchor directly into the jawbone, offering a stable, permanent solution that functions exactly like a real tooth.

What happens when a tooth is lost is the root no longer stimulates or stabilizes the jawbone which causes bone loss. Dental implants solve this problem using titanium posts that biochemically fuse with the bone to take the place of the root. This is why dental implants are a more natural option for tooth replacement in San Antonio.

anatomy of dental implants

This is the visible part of the implant and with the advancements in implant technology; it looks, feels, and functions just like your own natural crown. The core of the crown is created in a lab with the most advanced materials that are as durable as natural teeth. They are then finished by hand with artistic touches that make them look indistinguishable from natural teeth. We are even able to mimic the slight translucence of natural teeth.

An abutment is what permanently connects the crown to the post once it completely heals and has fused to the bone.  The abutment is a critical component of the restoration and is needed for stabilizing the crown once it’s mounted. The healing and fusion phase takes about 2-3 months on average barring any medical conditions that might slow that down.

During this healing process, it’s crucial that a patient not smoke or drink alcohol as both can compromise the body’s healing abilities.

The post is a threaded screw made of titanium that is safe for oral use. It replaces the root and supports the bone in absence of a natural root. Since the bone is stimulated it fuses with the post creating a stable bond that is long-lasting.

inmediate implant reconstruction

We understand finding out that you must have a tooth pulled can be quite a traumatic experience, especially if it’s one of your front teeth. Typically the dentist will rattle off a list of options for you to consider to temporarily replace the tooth until the extraction site is healed. 

Those options range from a denture to a cumbersome retainer. Then you are told you have to live life like that for 3-4 months before being able to get a dental implant like the one above. The bad news is even at that time, it’s not a finalized procedure, that is just to get the post in.

The post still has to heal another four months before you can add the crown part of the implant and go back to some normalcy.

the stone ridge difference

Now for the good news; Dr. Monarres is one of the most experienced surgeons for dental implants in San Antonio. He is also a leader in performing a revolutionary procedure known as immediate implant reconstruction.  

This procedure takes place immediately following the extraction and includes the crown as well. So essentially, rather than wait almost a year to go back to normal; now you get sedated, tooth extracted, implant carefully inserted into the site, and the new crown added. All of this occurs in the same visit!

Is It Safe?

With over 2,000 successful procedures under Dr. Monarres, the answer is; absolutely! Immediate implant reconstructions when performed properly are a very safe and preferred treatment.  As with any medical procedure, there is an inherent potential for problems; but they are rare and easily resolved.

Before Dr. Monarres takes on a case for dental implants in San Antonio, he goes thru a checklist of various potential issues. If a patient is at risk for any of the issues on the checklist, Dr. Monarres will consult further, and if implants are not possible—the next best alternatives.

Proper post-operative routine and diet ensure a smooth healing process. Once dental implants are placed you should follow these general guidelines for a smooth recovery.

  • No smoking— Smoking not only damages your overall health but can hinder the healing process.
  • No excessive alcohol— Just like nicotine, excessive alcohol use can also make healing unbearably difficult.
  • Follow Doctor’s Orders— Doctor’s orders for post-op care are there to help you heal properly, follow them to the letter.


anatomy of dental implants

Besides the obvious quick turnaround of the procedure, this method has many other benefits as well:

  • One surgery—  No stitches, no delay, no suffering through months of discomfort.
  • Preserves gum tissue— There’s not as much trauma to the gums, everything is done at once, so healing is uninterrupted.
  • Less painful— Because you’re doing everything at once under sedation there is less reaggravating tissue and bone. The traditional way lets you heal but then aggravates the area again, making it more painful for recovery.
  • Improved appearance—Dental implants are the closest thing to real teeth in terms of form, feel, and function. Yes, dental implants feel and look like your own natural teeth but they also provide stimulation for your jawbone. Once they fuse with your jawbone, they are permanent and there to stay.
  • Improved speech—With dentures that don’t fit perfectly, they can slip within your mouth causing impaired speech. This can be very embarrassing in social settings, especially when meeting new people or clients. Dental implants offer you the freedom to speak without worrying about dentures slipping.
  • Improved Comfort— Since dental implants become part of your body there is no foreign object feeling like dentures. Of course, at first, there will be some different sensations because you actually have teeth again. However, past that, they feel like they were always part of you—because they are!
  • Easier To Eat— With dentures frequently struggling to say in place when eating certain foods, dental implants are a lifesaver. Your diet is now only based on things for your health; not based on your dentures abilities. This is just another way dental implants change your life.
  • Boosts Self-Esteem— Let’s face it—when your smile looks fantastic, you feel fantastic. Implants often change a patient’s outlook on their future in a very personal and positive way.
  • Better Oral Health— With implants you don’t have to damage your other teeth to accommodate them as with a bridge. So, your healthy teeth remain intact and undisturbed and the implants are placed with precision. You’ll have zero impact on your other teeth or your oral hygiene regimen.
  • Durability— Implants are so durable and tough that they easily last the rest of your life with proper care.
  • Convenient— Denture can be removed by design, but often they are removed involuntarily. Eating certain foods, engaging in certain sports, and even speaking out in public—dentures may come out. Dental implants, however, are very convenient since they are permanent. They’re always there when you need them and need only routine oral care to last forever.
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Implant surgery, while very routine and safe, is still a very serious medical decision and we want you to be well informed. You should be prepared to ask any questions you may have about the procedure. We will never turn away any questions or concerns regarding dental implants. Helping you understand the procedure you’re considering helps us serve you better. During your consultation you will get imaging of your teeth and possibly other images, to ensure dental implants will work for you. Typically, most patients are great candidates for implants in San Antonio. However, that isn’t always the case, especially with patients that have conditions that impede their ability to heal. After all, getting dental implants does require advanced oral surgery. Your gums must be able to heal from the procedure without issue. If you’re ready to change your smile and your life, contact our office today to schedule an appointment to see if an implant is right for your situation.
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