When you lose a tooth it can be a very embarrassing or even debilitating ordeal.  Even if the tooth is in the back and is not visible to others, it still needs to be corrected. Unbeknownst to some, once the tooth is lost, there is actually bone loss beneath the surface that is occurring and eventually will disintegrate. This is why some people who have lost all their teeth have a mouth that appears caved in when not wearing dentures.

Even if it is just one tooth that is missing, the loss affects all the other teeth as well, as teeth create structure for the mouth and rely on each other for stability. Aside from the medical issues, tooth loss can really affect one’s self-esteem and have social consequences as well.

Dental Implants: A Better Solution

Rather than go with antiquated tooth replacement systems or dentures, modern implants are a more natural approach to tooth replacement. Implants connect directly into the jawbone, offering a stable, permanent solution that functions exactly like a real tooth. What happens when a tooth is lost is the root no longer stimulates or stabilizes the bone, which in turn causes bone loss. An implant solves this problem by using titanium posts that biochemically fuse with the bone to take the place of the root. This is why implants are a more natural option to tooth replacement.

Anatomy Of The Implant

The Restoration

This is the visible part of the implant and with the advancements in implant technology; it looks, feels and functions just like your own natural crown.

The Abutment

An abutment is what permanently connects the crown to the post once it completely heals and has fused to the bone. This healing and fusion takes about 2-3 months on average.

The Implant Post

The post is a threaded screw made of titanium that is safe for oral use. It replaces the root and supports the bone in absence of a natural root. Since the bone is stimulated, it fuses with the post creating a stable bond that is long lasting.

Immediate Implant Reconstruction

Finding out that you must have a tooth pulled can be quite a terrifying experience.  That fear is often magnified when the tooth that must be pulled is one of your front teeth. Typically the dentist will present you with a list of options to consider to temporarily replace the tooth that was pulled until the extraction site is healed.  Those options can range from a denture to a cumbersome retainer. You will be required to use that for approximately 3-4 months until a dental implant, like the one above, is ready for you.  Once the post is in, it will need an additional four months to heal before you can add the crown.

The Stone Ridge Difference

Now for the good news – Dr. Monarres is one of the most experienced surgeons in performing a revolutionary procedure known as immediate implant reconstruction.  This procedure takes place immediately following an extraction and includes the crown as well. So essentially, rather than wait almost a year to go back to normal; now you get sedated, tooth extracted, implant carefully inserted into the site and the new crown added all in the same visit! In addition to the obvious time frame differential required for this procedure, this method has many other benefits as well:

  • Your new tooth replacement looks as good if not better than the extracted one
  • One surgery, no stitches, no delay
  • Preserves gum tissue
  • No missing teeth and no cumbersome dentures
  • Less painful

Is It Safe?

With over 2,000 successful procedures under Dr. Monarres, the answer is absolutely! Immediate implant reconstructions, when performed properly, are a very safe and preferred treatment.  As with any medical procedure there is inherent potential for problems, but they are rare and easily resolved. Proper post-operative routine and diet ensures a smooth healing process.

The First Step Is Making An Appointment

Implant surgery, while very routine and safe, is still a very serious medical decision and we want you to be well informed. Contact our office today at (210) 403-0555 to schedule an appointment to discuss if an implant is right for your situation.