Full Mouth Implant Reconstruction

Are you tired of dealing with missing or failing teeth? Has the social stigma of this condition made you feel less confident of yourself? At Stone Ridge Dental, we see this defeated feeling all the time from many people that come to us with multiple dental problems. There is hope and good news, people no longer have to continue suffering because of their unhealthy dental condition—our full mouth implant reconstruction from Stone Ridge Dental has brought new life and smiles to many San Antonio residents and many others around the country that are dealing with the same issues as you.

Causes for tooth failure

There are many reasons a tooth on many teeth may fail or fall out completely. Many human beings are genetically predisposed to have gum and bone disease as well as an extremely high incidence of decay regardless of how hard they try to control these problems. Dental trauma from accidents, limited access to care, previous bad dental experiences, and systemic and congenital conditions are also common causes of early tooth loss in thousands of patients like you.

Making the case

full mouth implant reconstruction

Often, when you have several teeth failing or missing or have the signs of genetic dental failure; it is best to opt for a full mouth implant reconstruction. No matter how old or young you are, if your dental problems are this severe, this procedure is by far a life changer. Not only can it improve your physical health and appearance, but it will also bolster your emotional well-being.

None of this would be possible without dental implants. A dental implant is a dental prosthetic comprised of a titanium base root that is surgically implanted into your jawbone. This base is then capped with a composite crown that looks indistinguishable from a natural tooth as well as functions like one.

Dental implants have advanced quite rapidly over the years and today we are seeing some of the most advanced technology in implant history. Today’s implants not only replace existing teeth but do it seamlessly, with much less pain, and with natural looks and functionality. But, that is only a handful of the benefits, there are so much more.

Most dentists agree that dental implants are one of the most innovative and impactful inventions of the dental industry. Dental implants minimize unintended damage to the surrounding area as they are an exact fit for the missing tooth they are replacing. This leaves zero gaps and does not crowd surrounding teeth like bridges and partial dentures can. Bridges also damage the surrounding teeth as they use them for support of the prosthetic.

Understandably, having a screw implanted into your jawbone sounds torturous and painful. The reality is that the process is relatively tame in terms of the severity of pain. This type of procedure has a high success rate and allows for very little downtime and minimal post-op pain. Each case is different naturally, but most patients experience very little pain and post-op issues. In some cases, patients go to work the next morning with as little as an Aleve or Tylenol.

For patients with missing teeth or other severe dental issues, implants can make a huge impact on their life. Implants do not require you to alter your diet, daily routine, or social activities as missing teeth or dentures do. You can eat the foods you want and never have to worry about dentures falling out at dinner with friends. Since implants are a permanent fixture designed to be as strong as teeth and look just as natural you will also feel normal and not have undue stress that can manifest in physical ailments.

Because implants are made of composite material, you will never have cavities again. This, of course, does not mean you can neglect proper oral care as gums still benefit from proper oral care. If you do not practice proper oral care, you can still get gingivitis so you must act as if you have natural teeth and keep up good habits like brushing and flossing daily. Also, just like with real teeth, implants can stain if you do not care for them— so brush and floss regularly.

Implants mimic the root stimulation of the jawbone via osseointegration which means they fuse with your jawbone thus fortifying it. Without stimulation that the implant provides the bone would become soft and eventually disintegrate due to bone atrophy. Implants prevent that from happening and keep your jaw intact and strong as ever.

When you just need one tooth replaced, the bridge that replaces that tooth is supported by the surrounding teeth and causes strain on them. Over time that strain causes the teeth to shift and can cause a domino effect of problems. Implants are supported by the jawbone, which is a natural 1:1 replacement thereby leaving healthy teeth undisturbed.

The use of all on four method of implantation

Using dental implants to achieve a completely new, perfected smile using the All on Four procedure makes it more streamlined than ever. The All on Four is a method of full mouth implant reconstruction that adopts a modular approach. It is also known as Full Mouth Implant Reconstruction.

All on Four ironically borrows the concept behind dentures and pairs it with the superiority of dental implants. Dentures, on their own, are cumbersome, do not have a natural feeling, and are awkward. However, if you take the concept of dentures, customize them with great detail, and mount them on dental implants—you have a winner.

That’s exactly what All on Four is. The procedure takes dentures and creates them out of advanced materials for a lifelike appearance. However, these dentures are different—they mount to a set of four implants per arch. This is where the “All on Four” name comes from.

By mounting a custom, handcrafted denture on four titanium posts, patients can get a new smile in one day. In days gone by, if you were missing an entire arch, you’d have to get an implant for each missing tooth. Not only is that very tedious, but also quite painful.

All on Four eliminates the excess pain and the tedious nature of replacing an arch one by one.  It’s also a 1:1 recreation of your smile which means you won’t have speaking or eating complications. We have dozens of patients every week wanting to ditch their dentures and switch to All on Four.

Even though we compare All on Four to dentures, the similarities end at both being a prosthetic solutions. All on Four also offers jawbone protection as well as retained bite strength and speaking ability. Plus, it’s permanent, with no messy adhesives, no slippage, and no cleaning them in fizzy water every night.

We understand that many people are uneasy about even the simplest dental surgery. However, most of the issues we have are fear of the unknown. However, at Stone Ridge Dental, we love to teach our clients about our craft. It makes for a better understanding of what we do, and why we do it.  That being said, let us enlighten you a bit on how the process goes.

Being Calm Is Key

This procedure is very involved, so the more relaxed you are, the smoother it goes. For this reason, we administer IV sedation to make it as effortless and comfortable as possible.

The Preparation

We need to make sure the implant sites are clean and clear which means extracting any failing teeth, cleaning the wound areas, and prepping for implantation.

Placing The Implants

Four implants per arch are inserted into your jawbone at the positions needed. Typically it’s two at the front of your mouth and two in the back so that bite force is distributed evenly.

Clean Up And Suture

Once the prosthetics have been mounted on the implants, Dr. Monarres cleans the surgery site and sutures the incisions closed. After that, it’s on to the recovery room so the anesthesia can wear off a bit.

Dr. Monarres restores one smile at a time.

Before & After


A better day starts with a better smile.

smile makeover vs. full mouth implant reconstruction

Many of our patients tend to question why a simple smile makeover can’t fix their problem. The answer lies in the procedures themselves. A smile makeover is a surface level cosmetic “cover-up” of sorts. It is great for merely covering up small, mostly cosmetic dental issues.

Full mouth reconstruction however, is an actual replacement of the teeth and fixed solution for a severe dental issue that is deeper than cosmetic. Replacing teeth provides a blank canvas for you and Dr. Monarres to select your new teeth color, size, shape, position and alignment to completely restore your health, provide optimal function and without excuses give you that perfect smile you deserve.

This procedure doesn’t just cover up blemishes or small irregularities; it’s actually a restorative procedure that fixes the issue at hand.

The procedure replaces all the teeth in one or both arches using the revolutionary methods mentioned above. Patients are kept completely comfortable under sedation so that our patients can go home smiling with a new set of fixed teeth that same day.

There is nothing in contemporary dentistry that provides teeth that look and function closer that natural teeth than this procedure. This dental prosthetic looks indistinguishable from real teeth and can be aligned to give a perfectly straight smile.

your dental issues are actually not uncommon

Many people who get discouraged about their teeth failing or falling out, are mistaken in believing they are some abnormality in society. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as millions of people suffer with severe dental problems. If that weren’t the case, there wouldn’t be the need for this amazing procedure that restores all of the teeth in your mouth— usually in the same day!

Patients that come in seeking full mouth implant reconstruction (All on Four) from Stone Ridge Dental normally suffer from conditions such as:

  • Tooth loss stemming from decay or dental trauma
  • Severely chipped, cracked or otherwise injured teeth
  • Extreme tooth wear due to acid erosion or grinding of the teeth over the years or airway obstruction.
  • Chronic TMJ disorders or other jawbone issues that have forced a change in the bite alignment
  • Genetic disorders that cause premature decay or bone loss

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