How Long Does A Dental Implant Procedure Take?

If you’ve visited our site or social media channels before, you’ve seen some ads or testimonials about getting new teeth in a day. The testimonials are pretty moving, and the outcome is life-changing. However, we get a lot of skeptics that wonder if the “teeth in a day” concept is too good to be true? Is it just marketing hype or is it the real deal? Well, one thing we don’t shy away from is the skeptics and the tough questions, so we’ll answer them.

Teeth in a day is a 100% accurate description of our All on Four dental implant procedure.

We don’t need marketing hype for this procedure. Our patient’s expressions and the impact it makes on their lives speak volumes. Now, with that being said, you must realize only the actual surgery gives you teeth in a day. There is a good month of planning, a couple of preliminary visits, and some logistics to work out leading up to that. That is why you try to educate all our patients and prospective patients on what this procedure entails. We like to cover everything from the preparation to the aftercare—this way you have no surprises.

What Are Teeth In A Day?

Teeth In A Day, also known as All On Four is named for the quick turnaround procedure that it is. It requires a lot of pre-planning and some prep work for your special day. However, in the end, the results are truly something to behold. We’ve had patients break down in tears of joy after hiding their smile for a decade. Patients that are lifted out of a deep depression. We’ve also had patients whose health vastly improved because they could eat properly again.

Teeth in a day is performed when a patient needs one full arch or both arches of teeth replaced. With traditional implant methods, patients like this would endure weeks without any teeth. Not only does that not bode well for physical health—it wreaks havoc emotionally. One can only imagine the stigma of socializing or going to work without their teeth. It makes your face look different; it makes your speech sound different. Overall, you don’t feel like yourself and you’re extremely self-conscious of your condition.

Teeth In A Day bridges the gap between your physical needs and immediate emotional needs. With this streamlined procedure, teeth are extracted, implants are placed, and temporary versions of your new teeth are mounted. This eliminates wasted time waiting for the healing of surgical sites and suffering without a smile for a couple of months.

How Does The Process Work?

Dr. Monarres wants patients to come into this procedure with full knowledge of how it works, and why it’s beneficial. To do that, they need to understand how Teeth In A Day works and what to expect. Therefore, we provide extensive information through our blogs and free consultations. We want you to make a well-educated decision regarding your treatment options for missing teeth.

Teeth In A Day as mentioned gets its name due to the timeline of the procedure. Firstly, most patients are most concerned with pain from any dental procedure. However, this procedure is done under complete sedation, and pain during recovery is very minimal and treated with OTC pain relievers. In fact, most patients return to work as early as 24 hours later with no issues.

Once sedated, all decayed teeth are extracted and then implants are immediately placed in your jawbone. One of the reasons this can be done in a day is that the process only requires four strategically placed implants.

These four implants support what is truly the most unique aspect of the procedure—a prosthetic, one-piece denture. Now, you might get this confused with traditional dentures—and that’s understandable. To some extent, they are the same thing—with some huge key differences.

These Aren’t Your Traditional Dentures

While traditional dentures sit atop the gums using messy and unreliable adhesive, these dentures are permanent. They attach to an abutment that is placed on top of the implants that are embedded into your jaw. Why is this important? Because with regular dentures your jawbone gets no stimulation and thereby disintegrates over time. This results in changes in facial structure, often causing a person’s appearance to change drastically. If you’ve ever seen someone with a “sunken” look around their mouth, that is due to jawbone erosion.

You do not have this problem with Teeth In A Day because the jawbone is fortified with the implants. Also, because they are permanent, you don’t have to worry about possible slippage or other issues traditional dentures pose such as:

  • Impeding speech
  • Impairing chewing and diet
  • Inconvenient cleaning
  • Fitment issues over the years

With this modern implanted denture, you get a completely custom prosthetic that feels natural and looks natural. No one will be able to tell that you’ve had implants.

Walking Out Smiling

Once the implants have been embedded you receive a temporary model of the denture created just for you. It is attached securely, but not permanently to the implants—your permanent one is carefully handcrafted with meticulous detail. It’s also important to let your implant sites heal before permanently mounting the actual finished prosthetic.

You’ll come back into the office once healing is complete. That’s when Dr. Monarres will permanently bond the denture to your implants. Your dental makeover is now complete, and you can enjoy life as you did with a full set of teeth.  The initial reaction is one of overwhelming shock and awe in most cases we’ve seen. The real impact doesn’t usually hit patients until they realize they can do things they couldn’t do before. Then, it becomes quite emotional and the full impact of the restoration hits you—it changes your life!

Do You Qualify For Teeth In A Day?

We must discuss the fact that while over 90% of patients are good candidates for the procedure—some are not.  The most common reason a patient doesn’t qualify is due to a lack of jawbone density. This is usually a result of going too long with missing teeth so that the jawbone has eroded to critical levels. Now, in some of these cases, bone grafts can work to fortify the jawbone enough to embed implants. However, that adds extra time to recovery as well as expenses.

Therefore, we strongly suggest that patients never let a missing tooth go untreated with a permanent solution. Many patients that lose a full arch start out missing one or two teeth due to numerous circumstances. They leave it untreated and thereby leaving the jawbone vulnerable and weak. As it deteriorates it affects the neighboring teeth. This often leads to multiple tooth loss and accelerated jawbone erosion.

Other issues that can prevent you from getting the procedure or may hinder its success are:

  • Smoking
  • Uncontrolled Diabetes
  • Untreated Gum Disease

In the above cases, there is still hope if you can get the situations under control. For diabetics, healing is often an issue when it’s not managed well. However, if managed well—it can be done with careful pre and post-operative care.

For smokers, you must stop smoking for at least three months before your procedure to have success. It is recommended that you cease smoking altogether as it not only affects oral health but your overall health as well.

As for those with gum disease, a debridement followed by an aggressive oral health routine is the best fix. Gum disease is usually reversible with proper care and good oral hygiene habits.

Come Get Your New Smile With Dr. Monarres

If you are tired of feeling self-conscious about your smile due to missing multiple teeth—STOP. Yes, it is that simple to stop feeling that way with Teeth In A Day. We will walk you step by step through the process with sensitivity and hope.

Missing teeth doesn’t have to be a permanent issue, and it doesn’t have to mean you resort to messy dentures. You can smile again!

Just contact us and schedule a free consultation with Dr. Monarres and discover yourself again with a new smile.




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