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Maybe you’re a newly degreed dental school graduate, or maybe you’re a seasoned veteran of the field. In fact, you may even be finishing up your last year of dental school. Whatever category you fall into—you can benefit from Stone Ridge Dental’s quarterly Study Club by Dr. Alfonso Monarres.

Many San Antonio dentists and dental specialists have been seeking a study club that will improve individual skills as well as the industry altogether.  By focusing on comprehensive, interdisciplinary study rather than one specific field—we can all grow exponentially. At Stone Ridge Study Club, attendees will benefit from the knowledge of peers as well as industry experts.

Total case management is our overall approach and our goal is to elevate your practice with each quarterly session. Spearheaded by Dr. Monarres—a leader in dental implantology, the curriculum is designed to strengthen core skill sets and engage in progressive growth. Stone Ridge Study Club is a place where you can immerse yourself in a wealth of knowledge and in-depth learning of evolving treatments, that most can’t even get from a residency or dental school.

Uniting San Antonio Dentists

One of the most valuable byproducts of our study club is the safe environment it creates for dental professionals of all levels.  Here, you can share in confidence, your challenges, failures, fears, and insight in a neutral group setting. There is no competition in our environment and no judgment—in fact, new and thought-provoking ideas are encouraged.

We achieve this by carefully selecting dentists to participate that have high ethical standards and a willingness to share their knowledge.  We create an environment where peers help each other grow and help the industry grow as well. In our sessions, you will find discussions, educational seminars, and on-the-horizon technology that is useful in all of dentistry. Dentists, prosthodontists, periodontists, orthodontists, implant surgeons, dental hygienists, and even front office and dental marketing directors contribute to the curriculum.

In fact, every aspect of running a successful dental practice will be touched on at some point in these sessions. Additionally, Dr. Monarres will even bring in special guests from time to time such as SiteJab DDS, a dental marketing firm that helps practices grow their patient base, revenue, and establish their identity and brand within their market.

Stone Ridge Study Club Goals

  • Interdisciplinary treatment planning as the cornerstone of ideal dental care for patients.
  • Peer-based, continuing education within the Stone Ridge Study Club Model that fosters an environment where San Antonio dentists can flourish.
  • Commitment from dentists to achieve their full potential by becoming complete clinicians. Offering a truly comprehensive treatment approach for patients.
  • Motivate enthusiasm and passion for new and experienced dentists to help the industry evolve further in technology that helps patients.
  • Achieve fraternal bonds and friendships among peers to strengthen the dental community.

San Antonio Dentists, Join Us!

We want to welcome dentists of all levels and even dental students to join us for Stone Ridge Study Club. We are sure that you will leave our sessions with greater knowledge and appreciation for your field than before.  All you must do is sign up for the next session and we guarantee—you’ll be back every quarter. RSVP your spot for our next session today!

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