The Dentist San Antonio Residents Trust

When it comes to implant dentistry and other complex procedures that require skilled hands and extensive experience; one dentist stone oak has been privileged to call a resident, is bringing in patients from beyond the San Antonio area.

Why Is Dr. Monarres The Most Popular Dentist San Antonio Has Ever Seen?

Dr. Monarres of Stone Ridge Dental has become not only the dentist Stone Oak and San Antonio residents trust, but all over Texas and even a handful from neighboring states and Mexico! But what is the draw of Dr. Monarres that people would come from Dallas, Monterrey (MX), Lubbock, Houston, and even Oklahoma City, just to see a dentist San Antonio residents have come to rely on for the most “impossible” dental situations?

It may be that very reason right there—Dr. Monarres finds solutions to dental problems that other dentists have given up and deemed impossible to fix, even with implant dentistry. Typically, patients come from all over due to Dr. Monarres extensive experience in dental implant surgery and his incredible success rate with cases that seem hopeless.

I am realistic with every patient’s situation, but I also know that if there is a problem, there must be a viable solution—it’s a matter of thinking through the problem and outside the box of hopelessness a complex dental problem can often confine us in.” Dr. Alfonso Monarres

The Main Reasons Dr. Monarres Has Such A Following

The draw of Dr. Monarres and Stone Ridge Dental does have a strong root in his determination to fix the “unfixable” but it is not that just reason alone that he has patients from all over to correct their serious dental issues—but let’s just take a look at the ones most often cited by his patients.

“He Really Knows His Craft.”

Most patients that come to Stone Ridge Dental for the first time are caught a bit off guard at the depth of knowledge Dr. Monarres brings to the table on so many different aspects of cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures such as full mouth reconstruction—one of the most complex procedures Dr. Monarres is world renown for. One of our patients even flew from a small town in New Jersey, just because of hearing about Dr. Monarres and his expertise in full mouth reconstruction, which Christopher desperately needed.

“When I first Googled, “dentist San Antonio,” I couldn’t believe what I was considering. I admit, I thought that at nearly 2,000 miles from home— San Antonio is just a bunch of cowboys, ranches and that Alamo thing; that’s it. I sure didn’t expect to get a world class dentist that has such extensive knowledge on full mouth reconstruction. I live across the river from the epicenter of the world and couldn’t get help. He was able to solve my very difficult case that even the top implant dentistry specialist in NYC said was impossible. I admit I was skeptical at first, but the moment he began speaking I knew I had someone who could help me save my smile after a very serious car accident.”Christopher Montevani, Caldwell, NJ

Christopher is not alone; most people think that because Stone Ridge is located in a small subdivision on the outskirts of San Antonio that there would be no draw for a dentist with such expertise and experience to begin a practice here. People expect that in cities like NYC, Miami, Los Angeles and maybe even Houston—but San Antonio? It’s unheard of, but they don’t know what motivates Dr. Monarres and that leads into the other reason so many patients swear by Dr. Monarres and Stone Ridge for their dental needs.

“You Can Tell They Genuinely Care About People.”

“The staff here, just right away, puts a smile on my face…the way they treat you, how they accommodate your schedule… they really do make you feel like family.” – Anthony Robbiano, San Antonio, TX

Anthony’s case is an example of one of many rare conditions Dr. Monarres has expertise in treating. Anthony was born with a rare dental condition called tooth agenesis. In normal adult tooth growth, adult teeth push out the roots of baby teeth by around age 21 at the latest. However, tooth agenesis causes these adult teeth never come in and the patient lives out their adult life with baby teeth.

Anthony is just one patient of multitudes that Dr. Monarres takes pleasure in helping. The expression on their face when they see their new smile for the first time invigorates him inspires him to do more. Not only does Dr. Monarres feel a personal tie with each of his patients, the staff and front office does too. Everyone that comes through the doors of this dentist Stone Oak residents are proud to call neighbor, be it employee or patient; they’re treated like family. Dr. Monarres wouldn’t have it any other way.

“When you begin to see patients like family, rather than another patient in the chair, the work becomes more rewarding, you try harder, and you get so much more satisfaction from the impact you make on that person’s life through their smile.  – Dr. Alfonso Monarres

“Their Facilities Are Amazing!”

At Stone Ridge Dental the focus isn’t just on having a good rapport with patients and having highly skilled professionals. Dr. Monarres is committed to staying on the cutting edge of dental implant dentistry technology. When you visit Stone Ridge Dental, you know from the moment you are called back for imaging that you are in a state-of-the-art facility. Utilizing components such as 3D high definition imaging, an onsite implant lab, and even front office management software that is top of the line in the industry—Dr. Monarres makes sure to spare no expense in giving his patients the best treatment possible.

“When I saw a 3D photo-realistic image of my headshot fitted with the proposed implants I would be receiving—I was blown away. It’s one thing to see previous patient’s before and after shots, or to be told what your smile will look like, but to physically see it, in a realistic format like this 3D preview—really drives it home. I’ve never seen anything like it at my dentist in NOLA.”Clay Bertran, New Orleans, LA

“Dr. Monarres Is Very Honest And Transparent”

Dr. Monarres realizes that far too often the dentistry profession has gotten away from its core values in putting the patient’s best interests as a priority and not profit or beating the competition—especially in the implant dentistry field. That is why when you come in for a free consultation, he takes the time to show you exactly what your diagnosis with your teeth is, the most optimal way to permanently correct it, and also shows you why he is recommending this treatment. Using his vast knowledge of implant dentistry and the anatomy of the mouth, he lets you know what you can expect should you ignore is medical guidance, and what to expect if you follow it. He is upfront about costs, and about the effectiveness of a certain treatment based on your overall health as well.

“I had gone in to see Dr. Monarres because of some misaligned teeth that weren’t too bad but I thought they’d get worse so I was going to just bite the bullet and pre-emptively get implants on my upper arch. Dr. Monarres easily could’ve just sold me on that upper arch—instead, he advised me to try a less invasive and less expensive treatment option for a bit and if it doesn’t show improvement, then it might be time to consider implants to perfect my smile. I went with his plan of action and my teeth are lined up perfectly now with no restrictions to my diet and he saved me quite a bit of money. –David Chase, Fredericksburg, TX

A Story Unlike Any Other San Antonio Dentist

That’s not a story you will hear about many dentists, but that just goes to show that some dentists still believe you are more successful by being honest and fair with people. Dr. Monarres is one of those people. In fact, he is not about beating his competition so much as he is about educating new dentists to the field and essentially letting them pick his brain once a quarter, so they can give their patients better treatment plans and service.

“Real success isn’t about knowing something your competition doesn’t and exploiting that advantage. Real success is being on a level playing field, with the same skills, and experience yet doing it better than your competition and pouring yourself into each and every patient.” –Dr. Alfonso Monarres

Let Dr. Monarres Correct Your Smile Today

If you’re tired of the status quo of many dental practices in Texas, you need Dr. Monarres and Stone Ridge Dental. When it comes to caring for your smile, there is no better person who will take the time and give you his undivided attention to make sure you understand your dental health and how to improve it. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!

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