What Does It Mean When You Say “Teeth In A Day?”

A: Well, that’s a name universally given to the procedure when somebody gets a new set of teeth with dental implants. They walk into a dental office in the morning, get sedated, and then their natural teeth are replaced with implants. That patient walks out of the clinic later that day with a new set of teeth in their mouth—that’s called Teeth In A Day.

There’s many different ways of doing it obviously. All On Four is one way of doing it but there’s other ways of doing it. The main thing here is, what took many years to deteriorate and cause a lot of pain and suffering—can actually be changed in a day.

It’s kind of like a dream come true. You know, they come here, treated under sedation, by the end of the day they wake up and, BOOM—it’s there. They have a new set of teeth that feel, function, and look like natural teeth again, a beautiful smile. The most important is that the factors that caused their natural teeth to deteriorate won’t affect their new smile and teeth again.

So, Teeth In A Day is a blessing for a lot of people because they come in and they walk out the same day with a new set of teeth. They leave behind all the years of problems and suffering and face a new life.

Teeth In A Day: Marketing Or Miracle?

You might’ve seen Dr. Monarres on SA Live on KSAT 12, talking about “teeth in a day.” You know, the spiel— “walk in with a broken smile, walk out with a brand new smile in one day.” However, is that whole, Teeth In A Day just that—a spiel?

Let’s be honest, it DOES sound too good to be true. Years of severe dental problems and missing teeth reversed in a single office visit? Surely, it must be dental marketing hype or some kind of myth, right?

The good news is that it’s not marketing nor is it a miracle. Surprised at the answer? Let us explain.

Teeth In A Day is actually a complex procedure that requires a lot of preparation, some consultation and imaging visits, and patience. The actual procedure does indeed take just one day and it is a special day. We are changing lives with this process by restoring people’s smiles, some who have not smiled in years!

So, hearing us talk about it may make it sound like a myth, and seeing the results makes it seem like a miracle. It is in fact, the innovation, dedication, and passion of prosthodontists like Dr. Monarres that makes it possible.

Without these doctors constantly working together to improve prosthodontics and options for patients— this would not exist at all. It takes just one doctor to think to themselves, “there’s a better way to do this.” Because someone acted on that, we have the life-changing procedure that is Teeth In A Day.

What Is The Process?

The name of the method refers to full-arch dental implants. All the remaining failed teeth are extracted, implants are anchored, and a temporary version of your new teeth are placed—in one visit.

These temporary teeth are functional placeholders that allow healing at the implant sites. It also allows time for your permanent teeth to be finished. The permanent teeth are carefully customized just for you and are finished by hand. There are deep levels of detail and intricate touches involved so, nothing is rushed. The end result is worth the wait, this smile makeover often leaves patients speechless and overwhelmed with joy. It is the time and the effort that goes on behind the scenes that are the reason why we don’t call it a miracle. It’s a blessing, yes—but it’s a lot of hard work and dedication by our team at Stone Ridge Dental. We have a passion for our patients and our heart is in your smile because it’s a labor of love. The process itself is implant-based and is only possible with the advancement of titanium implants available today.

Determining If Dental Implants Are Right For You

When you have missing or failing teeth, often it is a long-term issue that has culminated into tooth failure. Dental implants, if you’re an ideal candidate, are your only option for total restoration. The reason we say this is that implants are the only solution that saves your jawbone.

You see, without the stimulation of the root of your tooth, your jawbone will eventually deteriorate. This can drastically change your appearance with a sunken-in look, as well as affect daily life in so many ways.

Dentures and bridges do nothing to protect your jawbone, and they don’t feel or function anywhere near natural teeth. The fact is, they are a last resort solution if dental implants aren’t feasible in your situation.

That is why your first step is to book a free consultation at Stone Ridge Dental so that Dr. Monarres can determine if your case is ideal. You must visit a dental implant specialist like Dr. Monarres, rather than a general dentist.

General dentists do not go through the additional training in the specialization of prosthodontics. The training and certification program is grueling and covers a massive amount of information. Dr. Monarres is certified by the American Board Of Prosthodontists and has performed thousands of successful procedures. He can give you all the information you need and determine if you meet the medical criteria necessary to get dental implants.

What To Expect From Your Consultation

When you meet with Dr. Monarres you will be given a full dental examination which includes a 3-D X-ray of your mouth. Your situation will be carefully assessed and we’ll evaluate your teeth, gums, and bone density. This has to be done before we can lay out a treatment plan as you must have sufficient bone density for implantation.

Unfortunately, when teeth have been missing for a long time, the jawbone slowly degrades and dissolves. Depending on how long you’ve gone without teeth, there may not be enough bone present for the implant to bond.

Luckily, there are techniques and micro procedures available that may be able to correct any deficiencies over time. Bone grafting is one of these procedures but be aware, it does delay the process quite a bit. Other medical conditions can potentially impact the viability of dental implants in your case.

Conditions such as diabetes, leukemia, and other systemic issues may impede the healing process. This could delay the process significantly, or in some cases make implants impossible for you. Also, some lifestyle habits such as chewing tobacco or cigarette use can negatively impact the procedure. Dr. Monarres will help you determine if and how your medical issues may play into procedural difficulty or post-op struggles.

Get Your New Smile By Dr. Monarres

Dental implants look, feel, and function like natural teeth, except they’ll never decay. With proper oral hygiene and care, they will last you a lifetime. Let Dr. Monarres restore your smile and show you what hope looks like.

Contact us now and take the first step in changing your life in a single day by booking your free consultation!

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