What Is All On Four?

A: An All On Four procedure is a treatment modality in implant dentistry. It allows for a patient that needs to replace all of their teeth; to do it in a very convenient, expedited way, using only four implants.

This is traditionally done when patients are sedated, so it’s extremely comfortable. Patients don’t feel a thing or remember anything. They can walk out of the clinic with a full set of fixed teeth the same day.

The All On Four procedure really changed the way we do dentistry. Before, patients would get a denture or a removable prosthesis, or a treatment that was very long and expensive. Now they can have teeth that feel, function, and look like natural teeth again at a very affordable price.

Losing your teeth, no matter the reason, can lead to a detrimental decline in self-confidence. There is such a stigma associated with missing teeth that many people become introverted and socialize less.

Does this sound like a situation you are struggling with? Are you missing several teeth on one, or both arches? Dr. Monarres has good news for patients such as yourself—you don’t have to settle for dentures. At Stone Ridge Dental, the All on Four procedure by Dr. Monarres can have you smiling again in just one day.

Why Is This Happening To Me?

We can empathize with this question easily, as we see patients every day that come in depressed and traumatized from tooth loss. So, you aren’t alone—millions of Americans suffer from mild to severe tooth loss. They go through the same discouraging feeling, the hopelessness—and they hide their smile.

We are in the business of bringing smiles back to life with the All On Four procedure by Dr. Monarres. Our patients walk into our office with little hope because they’re suffering from tooth loss due to issues such as:

  • Tooth loss due to facial trauma or severe tooth decay
  • Badly chipped teeth, or teeth that are misshapen, misaligned, and other irreparable tooth issues
  • Severe erosion of the enamel due to an acidic diet
  • Bad bite alignment that causes chronic TMJ and other similar conditions related to alignment
  • Genetically soft or weak teeth or jawbones

Don’t Give Up…All On Four Can Bring Your Smile Back

Dr. Monarres leads the way for dental implants in San Antonio. So, it makes sense that he also leads in All On Four procedures. With thousands upon thousands of success stories under his belt, Dr. Monarres sets the standard for this revolutionary procedure. In just one day at Stone Ridge, you can walk out with a new smile—perfectly designed.

How Does It Work?

The unique modular approach of the All On Four process is what makes the impossible task of a one-day smile restoration possible. It still does require a surgical procedure that is performed under sedation but the pain is very minimal. In fact, many of our patients feel little to no pain—nothing that a bit of Tylenol can’t cover. We have some patients that even return to work after 24 hours of at-home recovery and rest.

The All On Four procedure starts with getting dental molds of your smile and getting imaging on your jawbone. Unlike traditional dental implants, All On Four uses just four implants as the name implies. Rather than using individual implants for each tooth, this process uses a prosthetic denture custom created from your molds. Yes, we said denture—however, not the same kind of denture you’re thinking.

Modular Prosthesis Is The Key

This is a custom handcrafted prosthesis that is a replica of your perfected bite and alignment. Crafted from materials far more advanced than your average dentures, your new smile is indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Once your teeth are extracted and the four titanium posts are implanted into your jawbone, the prosthesis is then secured to them. This method not only allows for a quicker procedure but also a stronger hold on the device. You can eat as you did before, your teeth will look completely natural and perfectly aligned. The only person who will know you have dental implants is you.

The restorations are made from advanced substances that mimic real teeth in function, feel, and aesthetics. The modular prosthesis gives you a more natural mouthfeel that is secure and requires no adjustment period like dentures. Also, the benefit of the modular build is the teeth can be aligned with precision. It also corrects any misalignment or irregularities present in your smile before you lost your teeth.

Isn’t All On Four Basically A Denture?

Yes, but no—it is vastly different. One, the materials are far more advanced as mentioned but also dentures aren’t permanently affixed. They also don’t stimulate your jawbone because they’re held in with messy adhesive.

Patients with dentures end up worrying about slippage when they talk, speech impediments due to dentures, and other issues. Also, with dentures, most patients have to modify their diet due to difficulty eating certain foods. All On Four feels completely indistinguishable from natural teeth, looks just as good as natural teeth, only better—no decay. That doesn’t mean you can skip your normal oral hygiene routine. Your gums can still get bacteria build-up which can instigate gingivitis—defeating the purpose for All On Four.

Is All On Four A Dental Implant?

Yes, a dental implant is just a term for the actual titanium post that is permanently inserted in the jawbone to replace the root. It facilitates affixing an abutment and the restorative crown used to complete a tooth restoration. All On Four is simply a different method for affixing the restorative crowns when a patient has lost a full arch or more. Replacing those teeth one by one would not only be tedious but a lot of oral trauma at once. That is why the modular concept of this procedure works so well, but yes—it’s still a dental implant. So, to further understand All On Four you should further understand dental implants.

Just like your natural teeth has roots that are “rooted” in the jawbone, dental implants are artificially rooted in your jaw. Because the titanium implants are biocompatible, the jawbone bonds to them in a process known as osseointegration. No one can see the implants, they are hidden by your gum tissue just like real roots. Therefore, no one knows you have dental implants, all they see is the identical restorative crowns. Osseointegration is crucial because without that process your jawbone weakens and begins to disintegrate. Ultimately, what ends up happening is your facial features change. In some cases, the change is so severe that patients look like a different person at first glance. So, dental implant procedures such as All On Four do so much more than restore your smile.

As one of the top dental implant specialists in San Antonio, Dr. Monarres is an outspoken advocate for dental implants. This is mainly due to the way they preserve, restore, or completely change a smile for the better. The success rate is incredibly high and the procedure, while costing more upfront, often ends up equal to the cost of dentures in the long term.

Bring Your Smile Back With All On Four By Dr. Monarres

You don’t have to suffer from a broken smile anymore. Maybe you are losing your teeth, or already have and are worried about jawbone health. Whatever your situation may be, Dr. Monarres can save your smile or bring it back the way it was meant to be.

Sure, dental implants are not the least expensive upfront, however, they are the most effective. In fact, as mentioned, they are quite valuable in the long run. At Stone Ridge, we have very reasonable financing options to help you get your smile back.

Come to Stone Ridge and let us change your life with a fully restored smile. All you need to do is contact us for a free consultation—we’ll handle the rest.


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