Does The All On Four Process Hurt?

Does The All On Four Process Hurt?

Dental patients in San Antonio that are struggling with missing one or both arches of teeth are great candidates for this dental implant technology if:

  • CT scan shows no signs of bone loss
  • They do not have gum disease or recessed gums
  • They do not smoke
  • They are willing to commit to a proper oral hygiene regimen

Admittedly, when you look at the All On Four procedure on paper, it looks like it’s painful and requires extensive recovery.

In fact, many patients take off for a week in preparation for recovery. They do this because they have this notion that All On Four is a painful treatment plan and takes a lot of downtime.

However, it’s quite the opposite. The All On Four procedure is seen as a less invasive dental surgery option that can enhance one’s quality of life.

It does not require a hospital stay or extensive recovery as the pain is minimal. In fact, most patients return to work the following day with only a bit of Tylenol or Aleve.

It sounds impossible, we know, but it’s true, and the secret is the streamlined dental implant treatment.

Brief Overview Of The Process

We’ve discussed the All On Four process here dozens of times, so we’re not going to get longwinded here. As you know, just like all dental implants in San Antonio, this method is a multi-step process.

However, unlike most dental implant restoration methods that use one implant per tooth, All On Four is more streamlined.

Think of it as a form of implant supported dentures, only much more sophisticated and lifelike. This makes the procedure far less invasive which makes it minimally painful and the recovery time very quick.


The anesthesiologist will administer an IV sedative so that the process is painless and you aren’t uncomfortable. If necessary, remaining decayed teeth are extracted and in some cases, a bone graft is needed which is also done in this step.


Dr. Monarres will then begin the process of inserting the titanium posts into the jawbone in four strategic spots per arch. They each have abutments on the exposed end and that is where the prosthesis will be attached temporarily until your jawbone fuses with the implants.

Temporary Set Of Teeth

Dr. Monarres will close up the wounds using soluble sutures and attach a temporary prosthesis to the implants. As long as the patient has their caretaker with them to drive them home, they may leave once the sedative wears off. We cannot legally allow a patient to drive themselves home after being sedated.

Pain after the procedure is very minimal and manageable without any medication. However, if you need it, a bit of Tylenol or Aleve does the trick. You’ll also get a script for antibiotics to help prevent infection in the surgery sites.

Permanent Replacement Teeth

Once the jawbone fully integrates and bonds with the implants—usually about six months, you will return to us. Dr. Monarres will then mount the permanent, fully custom prosthesis onto your implants and that’s it!

Recovery And Follow Up

Recovery for the All On Four procedure is minimal at most. Mainly it boils down to limiting strenuous activities and eating soft, easy foods for a bit. However, for the most part, the recovery process timeline is very brief and not too restrictive.

You need to keep contact with the gums and surgical sites to a minimum when brushing and flossing. We may prescribe an antiseptic mouthwash to assist in keeping the wound areas clean.

Follow Up

You should maintain several follow-up appointments with Dr. Monarres for several months after the surgery. These visits help to ensure that the fusion is progressing as it should, and that healing is on track.

Sometimes, the jawbone may shift slightly during fusion with your implants—this is typical but not painful. Worst case scenario, it’s a minor discomfort or foreign feeling. This is also why you wait a few months before getting your permanent prosthetic as shifting has to be accounted for in the final design.


Common Mistakes You Can Avoid With All On Four

By now, if you’ve visited our site before, you know that Dr. Monarres is a trailblazer in dental implants—specifically the All On Four procedure. The process sounds too good to be true, but it is all it’s hyped up to be—yet there are some caveats.

Just like with any dental procedure to replace missing teeth, your results may vary as well as your experience. That’s why it’s important to see someone who is well-experienced with implants in San Antonio, Tx.  Who you choose for this full arch replacement of natural teeth, will greatly impact the success rate. When choosing to get this procedure for tooth replacement, make sure you don’t make these additional common mistakes.

Going With A Surgeon With Little To No Experience

All On Four is a wonderful solution for missing teeth, but it’s also a very complex procedure with little room for errors. As with any skilled craft, there’s a difference between being able to do the procedure and doing it well.

Unfortunately, you’ll find plenty of dental implant “mills” that line patients up like cattle and just do the volume. But volume doesn’t equal honesty, integrity, or quality—and usually, at these places, you find neither.

It’s much harder to find a dentist that is also a certified and well-experienced prosthodontist.  That isn’t what you’ll find at Stone Ridge Dental.

We don’t do gimmicks or deceptive low pricing traps. What we give you is the best prosthodontist in Texas— Dr. Alfonso Monarres, who has performed over 2,000 successful full mouth dental implant procedures. That experience is invaluable when we’re talking about your smile and oral health.

What if a problem arises during the procedure? Is a dentist who’s new to the procedure going to know how to correct it? Probably not, or it may delay them significantly.

With over 2,000 procedures under his belt, Dr. Monarres has seen every wild card issue in the book and is prepared for anything. However, because of his experience and meticulous preparation—there’s rarely an issue.

Assuming Anyone Is A Good Candidate For All On Four

As we touched on briefly above, experience and integrity are crucial for a provider to have when dealing with All On Four. This is of course, a wonderful procedure that changes lives in a single day. However, it’s not for everyone.

You should know this information because a dentist without experience or an unethical one may overlook that. As we mentioned in the beginning, there are some crucial criteria you must meet to qualify. If you don’t meet those criteria, All On Four is not a good fit for you, and you should ignore any dentist that says it is.

Now, keep in mind, not meeting some of the criteria isn’t an automatic dealbreaker but it may mean extra measures are needed. Bone grafting is one of those extra measures when your jawbone isn’t thick enough for implants.

Assuming You Will Get Your Permanent Teeth In A Day

With All On Four, most patients will indeed get new teeth in a day. However, they are not the permanent ones you will have for the rest of your life. This physically could not be done because the jawbone might still shift while fusing with the implants.

That being said, the temporary prosthesis we provide you is still custom fit, the materials just aren’t as advanced as the permanent. They are to allow you to get back to your daily life while the bone heals and fuses.

Get Your Smile Back With Stone Ridge Dental

At Stone Ridge Dental we put our heart in your smile, so we want to make sure you’re well informed and well taken care of. Contact us today for a free consultation to see if the All On Four process is right for you!

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