How Do I Care For My Dental Implants?

caring for dental implants

So, you’ve invested in your new smile and you are ecstatic about the “new you.” However, dental implants are still a new concept to you and you aren’t sure how to care for them. No worries, because dealing with dental implants is just like dealing with natural teeth for the most part. Bottom line— you […]

Why Not Get Dentures For Missing Teeth?

dental implants San Antonio

We have many patients that call our office asking about a solution for an entire arch of failing teeth. Often many patients assume dentures or bridges are their only solution—they forget about dental implants in San Antonio. However, we always tell patients, if you can avoid dentures and go for implants—it will change your life. Dentures […]

Dental Implants Or Veneers: Which Is Better?

Are you unhappy with your smile and looking for a solution to enhance it? Dental implants and veneers are two popular options that can transform the appearance of your teeth. But which one is right for you? Each is very different regarding the types of smile issues they address. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots […]

What Is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

A: Full mouth reconstruction Is when we have to replace or rebuild all the teeth in a person’s mouth because of their health, their function, and their appearance. It’s one of the most complicated treatments in dentistry because it entails replacing every tooth. So you have to handle the shape, the color, and the size […]

Does The All On Four Process Hurt?

Does The All On Four Process Hurt? Dental patients in San Antonio that are struggling with missing one or both arches of teeth are great candidates for this dental implant technology if: CT scan shows no signs of bone loss They do not have gum disease or recessed gums They do not smoke They are […]

What Is The All On Four Process?

A: The All on Four process is actually simpler than people think— in the hands of a good clinician and a good provider. It’s going to involve diagnosis and treatment planning. After that, the patient will spend one day in the office where the surgical procedure is performed under IV sedation. That same day, the […]

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