Why Not Get Dentures For Missing Teeth?

We have many patients that call our office asking about a solution for an entire arch of failing teeth. Often many patients assume dentures or bridges are their only solution—they forget about dental implants in San Antonio. However, we always tell patients, if you can avoid dentures and go for implants—it will change your life.

Dentures will change your life too, just unfortunately in a bad way. Granted it’s not overnight but with some people the degradation is quicker. We’ve seen some patients notice facial structure change in as little as a year. It’s just not worth the gamble for temporary aesthetics—beleive us, it’s temporary.

Dentures will lose their fitment as your jawbone structure changes due to bone atrophy. You can even end up spending almost as much as implants over the long run. This is because you will eventually need to get new dentures built.

But many people don’t even ask about dental implants because they assume the procedure and recovery are painful. We would be lying if we said it was free from any pain at all.

However, the pain is so minimal that it’s no different than a filling or crown. Traditional implants admittedly, are a more tedious procedure, and maybe that long process can be a turn-off for some patients.

However, when needing a full arch or a full set of teeth replaced, there is a revolutionary procedure that has forever changed the game. The biggest draw of this revolutionary procedure is the efficiency at which teeth are replaced and the very brief recovery period.

If you follow our blogs, then you have likely read our coverage on this procedure before. However, for those that haven’t or have forgotten—let’s revisit this amazing procedure.

The Revolution Of All On Four Dental Implants In San Antonio

Traditionally, when replacing a full set of teeth with dental implants, anywhere from six to eight implants are needed for each arch! This results in a much longer and more tedious procedure and more difficult recovery.

However, with All on Four, all you need is four implants for each arch.  All on Four is a form of dental implants in San Antonio offered in advanced dental clinics such as ours.

It incorporates the concept of dentures with the performance and permanent nature of implants. Rather than have up to 16 implants placed into your mouth, you can simply have four implants per arch.

This can be done due to using a dental prosthesis that’s quite similar to dentures—because it is essentially just that. The difference is, rather than using a sloppy adhesive to stick the denture to your gums, it’s mounted to the four implants.

Also, the materials used in the prosthesis last a lifetime— unlike dentures. In fact, they are custom-made right here in our on site lab to look exactly like your teeth. With proper care, they will last a lifetime easily.

All on Four Dental Implants:

  • Are a permanent, exact-fit replacement for natural teeth
  • Look and function like natural teeth and are more durable since they won’t decay
  • Do not need messy adhesives…ever
  • Do not impede your speech, restrict your diet, or feel foreign in your mouth
  • Allow up to 70% greater bite force than using dentures. This means there isn’t anything you can’t eat
  • Most importantly, preserves your jawbone and retains your facial structure

What Are Dental Implants?

In the past, before modern dental implants, your only course of treatment for missing teeth was dentures or a fixed bridge. The problem with these options is they are hard to maintain, cause significant discomfort, and don’t preserve facial structure.

Dental implants on the other hand are a revelation for patients dealing with dentures and bridges. They can eat what they want again, speak as they usually do, and live a normal life.  Implants also give patients the option to leave healthy teeth undisturbed while replacing the missing teeth.

A dental implant is essentially a titanium post that is biocompatible, meaning your body won’t reject it. It’s screwed into your jawbone while under sedation so you feel nothing. This is the foundation for the rest of the device which includes an abutment and the restoration. That restoration can be a single crown, bridge, or in the case of All on Four, a full prosthesis.

Because the body will not reject titanium, it bonds with the jawbone. This process, called osseointegration is a critical step for the implant to succeed. It is what fortifies the jawbone and ensures the longevity of the implant.

Are Implants Right For You?

With this capability and integration with your jawbone, implants are the best option for the permanent restoration of missing teeth. Although most people are great candidates for dental implants, there are a few that may not be. However, that is rare. So, if you are determined to be a good candidate, we always recommend implants over dentures

Dental Implants Have A High Success Rate

We understand that many people have a phobia or at the least an unsettling feeling about getting dental surgery. However, with this procedure, there is nothing to worry about—the success rate is over 95%.

Naturally, success is also dependent on the patient’s commitment to oral hygiene, and a healthy lifestyle. The condition of the jawbone, the location of the implants, and the skill level of the dentist also impact the success rate.

Fortunately, with Dr. Monarres you get a seasoned veteran in dental implants. With thousands of successful procedures under his belt, Dr. Monarres is who you want to see if you need implants.

Implants Feel And Look Natural

The manufacturers that supply dental implants used in dental practices around the world have outstanding products. There has been much research that has gone into making implants look, feel, and function like natural teeth.

What is essentially happening is they are creating a perfect clone of your missing tooth or teeth. When performed by a skilled surgeon like Dr. Monarres, the results are virtually perfect.

Technically, implants don’t feel like anything at all. Instead, the “natural feel” of the dental implant is due to nerve endings. Your jawbone, where the implant is screwed into, is full of nerve endings that send signals to your brain.

So, in effect, the nerves sense the implant and tell your brain that a tooth is there. Since the implant itself differs from a tooth in that it has no nerves within, it’s more of a memory effect. Like how you can “hear” a song from your childhood despite having lost your hearing accuracy.

The brain remembers how a natural tooth felt when you had your teeth. Once the implant is placed, those nerve endings report back to the brain. So, in that way—dental implants DO feel natural. In fact, you become so used to dental implants they feel like second nature.

Dental Implants Replace The Extracted Root

If your tooth is knocked out or has to be extracted, it leaves a hole in the jawbone where it was. Unfortunately, other solutions such as dentures, bridges, and crowns only replace the crown—ignoring the missing root.

This ultimately leads to more problems since, without the root, the jawbone disintegrates. Eventually, that will cause the very dentures or crown you received do not fit right over time. You end up spending more money to get another denture or crown to compensate for the bone loss.

An implant, however, replaces the root and maintains jawbone health and density. Because the jawbone thinks there’s a root there it generates bone material and fuses with the implant. Without implants, you will lose bone density and your facial features can change drastically.

Dental Implants Help Protect Neighboring Teeth

Dental bridges were heavily used in the past as the top solution for missing teeth. But, this procedure involves shaving down neighboring healthy teeth to allow the bridge to fit. So, in addition to having lost one or more teeth, you would damage healthy ones as well.

With dental implants, you can now place a bridge permanently by mounting it on titanium posts. This leaves other teeth nearby unharmed.

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Dr. Monarres provides dental implants to help people who have lost one or more arches of teeth regain their smile.

He is a highly experienced prosthodontist with a proven record of success in restoring smiles and changing lives.

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